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Relationships – #1 Priority Professionally and Personally

Love This Thought Provoking Comment

Executive WomenLove this response that came in from an executive who attended one of my women’s leadership programs. She wanted to contribute to the launching of Women’s Rules of Engagement Master Online Professional Program through her personal observation though she did ask that I not reveal her name should I use her comment.

So, Anonymous, I am honored you stuck your neck out to assist others to move through a limiting mental block you experienced.

“Nancy, I attended one of your women’s leadership programs. First, I want you to know that I was resistant to signing up for a ‘women’s only’ program because I didn’t want to be in separate training from the men in my organization. I even thought it might be damaging to my career. After all, I’m competing against male peers for promotion. The only reason I signed up was a senior woman I admired in the organization highly recommended it. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of attending without alienating her… though I managed to hold her off for at least a year because I was ‘just too busy.’ Wow, did I need the shaking-up you provided regarding that kind of thinking!

Secondly, I want you to know signing up was the best decision of my career. Looking back, I can’t believe how I slowed down my career progress by not attending sooner!  Nancy, I can’t thank you enough for where I am today in my career. It would never have happened had you not introduced success approaches that have me competing as a woman and winning.” Anonymous

Why should women executives take a program exclusively for women?
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INNOVATION: a Much Sought After Competency in Today’s Marketplace


This month’s message is hard especially as you feel overloaded already with your work responsibilities. You can’t get around it, though. Success long-term involves you acquiring the mindset of Innovation each and every day. By assuming the stance of innovator, you will experience more fun and joy each and every day you go to work.

In this month’s MicroLearning Leadership—Reflection, several practical tips will shift your thinking and be invaluable in building your Innovation muscle. The good news is you can incorporate them immediately.

InnovationThe process begins by keeping your eyes open for two categories of Innovation:

  1. Conceptualize new breakthrough products and services that have never existed before. Or transform something already existing in a way no one has imagined before (This is more valuable to an organization as the National Innovation Survey says: new products may only account for 14 percent of launches and generate 38 percent of an organization’s total revenues, they account for a massive 61 percent of total profits!) and,
  1. Incrementally streamline improvements and/or expansions of current products and services.

Then, concentrate on asking these fundamental questions: Read More→


MicroLearning Leadership

Innovation has nothing to do with how many R & D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R & D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.
– Steve Jobs, Innovative Genius

This month’s MicroLearning Leadership is centering on Innovation. I know you’ve read the research about corporate growth coming out of the Innovation of products, services, and technology. In fact, your career advancement will suffer if you don’t spend a substantial portion of your week on Innovation.

innovationDid you know, that most executives confess they don’t have a handle on Innovation? Not surprising as 65 percent of senior executives surveyed by McKinsey & Company were only “somewhat,” “a little,” or “not at all” confident about the decisions they make in this area. This disclosure presents a predicament when 70 percent of senior executives indicate innovation will be at least one of the top three drivers for growth for their company.

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What’s The Missing Ingredient That Holds You Back From Being All You Are Intended to Be?

Recently, I was coaching a professional executive well-respected by her boss…. She just wasn’t viewed as a high-potential by C-suite leaders—and she didn’t understand why. After all, she is an exemplary executive.

I gave her an exercise to help her understand what she’s unwittingly leaving on the table. Why don’t you try it yourself? Perhaps, you too are harming your career without knowing it.

Envision a leader who you know and admire. How does he or she greet people? How does this leader stand? How does he or she look at people? Imagine vividly this praiseworthy executive interacting with you and your co-workers. Take time to saturate yourself in the essence of the leader you esteem.

Now, close your eyes, and mentally imagine living inside this leader’s ‘beingness.’ Do you feel any different? In your mind’s eyes, how do you shake hands with those you meet as you wear the energy of this leader? Are you holding your body a bit more erect? Are your eyes gazing more directly into the eyes of others? Do you feel a tad bolder in your approach? Read More→