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Identify What You Never Knew You Didn’t Know

Have you been searching for a way to boost your career possibilities with little success? Does it seem much of what you’ve attempted so far has produced minimal results let alone opened the door to achieving the big dreams you hold dear in your heart?

Leadership for Women Only professional program is specifically designed to take you, a woman executive, easily to the next level of your career whether it is to have more influence in your organization or get promoted or increase your salary or have a balanced work life.

You may still be wondering: Why should I want to sign-up? Or why should I encourage women executives from my company to attend?

Well, that’s easy. Here are a few shifts you can expect from this cutting-edge program. You’ll:

  • Acquire the secrets to leveraging your current circumstances, and expertise into generating the powerful, career results you desire;
  • Expand your attitude and skills to achieve corporate visibility, influence, and recognition to advance your career with integrity;
  • Identify, harness, and employ your natural feminine strengths in the workplace with power and confidence;
  • Demystify office politics, to remain true to yourself and work for your long-term success.

You’ll come away with tools in your executive arsenal you never knew you didn’t know to achieve the dreams you’ve always had for yourself, but never knew how to bring into being!

Just imagine what’s in store for you as you gain all the insights offered in Leadership for Women Only.

It’s time to register for Leadership For Women Only at the Marriott Hotel, Irvine, California events transform your career results by attending either:

If you’re interested in additional information, Click Here For More Details

3 Attitude Blunders Employees Make Every Day

Strewn throughout corporations are dangerous landmines ready to blow-up in your face. You may even discover you’re the one who set off the blast with an attitude blunder, yet never knew you were doing it.

Check out three blunders that may be impairing your career and gain insights into turning them around:

See Opportunities Not Dead Ends:
In the midst of career struggles, you may be fixating on the obstructions you see as limiting your career. The reality is (and research confirms) your attention directs your emotions. If you yearn to create better results, then you have to change your focus. When your eyes are on your:

  • Lousy boss: switch your awareness to why the company has situated him or her in a position of authority, and gain clues into expanding your skills to be a future leader.
  • Stuck career: change your story to get in touch with where you intend to go rather than on what’s not happening in this exact instance. Invest your energy into generating your future, not remain frozen in the career dip you’re experiencing at the moment.
  • Under-qualified co-workers: Poor decision-making or incomplete assignments leave everyone with egg on their face. Focusing on the failure traps the entire team. Place your leadership hat on by spreading knowledge and knitting the team together—What’s the learning? How can I support my team members through this? What conversations can I generate to move through problems into improved behaviors, actions, and understandings?

Stop Telling Start Enrolling: You’re frustrated because no one is listening to your ideas, so you’re not making the difference in your organization that is the desire of your heart. All you’ve heard are “No’s” or “blowbacks” when presenting ideas. Chances are you’re telling people instead of enrolling them in ideas based on being “receiver-centric.” What’s this? Take on Steven Covey’s principle: “First seek to understand before being understood.” Enrollment begins as you align your ideas with the receiver’s strategic direction! Resistance fades away, and amazing outcomes occur when employees and bosses alike recognize they’re concepts have been heard even though you may not entirely agree with them.

Combine Connecting With Hard Work: Nearly three-quarters of Americans think working hard is the secret to moving up the corporate ladder. If you’re feeling held back by circumstances and yet you’re determined to attain the top ranks, readjust your attention to include connecting with others. The reality is you’ve already earned your stripes as an expert—now the organization wants to observe your powers to inspire and motivate and work with others. At the heart of relationship building is exhibiting your capacity to be a team player with those around you. The earlier in your career you take on this attitude; the more effortless you’ll experience your rise to the top.

Unfortunately, many employees blunder by paying more attention to the difficulties rather than solutions and their responsive actions. I hate to keep saying it, but you’re the only one standing in the way of your promotion, and as long as you continue gawking at the obstructions along the way, you’re not moving forward anytime soon. Energize your career by energizing yourself!


With research studies attributing positive results to employees working remotely, you may be wondering why you aren’t assigned such a schedule.

You’re not alone with 80 percent to 90 percent of the U.S. workforce saying they would like to telework at least part-time. And forty percent more U.S. employers offered flexible workplace options than they did five years ago. Still, only 7 percent make it available to most of their employees.

These statistics are good news if you plan on generating a case “to be a remote employee.” And yet wherever there is controversy, there is an equally persuasive argument to the “not to be a remote employee” discourse.

Large companies such a Yahoo, Aetna, and Bank of America are eliminating telecommuting positions from their employment rosters. Recently IBM withdrew a considerable number of remote employees from their ranks—not to mention Apple and Google who chose never to be the mix. In fact, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey shows the number of U.S. workers who worked partially or fully from home dropped to 22 percent in 2016.

Research attributes many of the corporate headaches originate from process breakdowns. Yes, people are part of the problem; however, when you drill down, lack of systems is the real culprit. Three reasons companies point to remote position failures:

  • Poor policy rollout
  • Immaturity of workers
  • Restricts collaborative relationships

Let’s address proactive overcoming tactics to shift corporate attitudes:

  • Environment Commitment:
    • Workspace: Create a designated office in your home to produce a productive environment for yourself. It should be a quiet, interruption-free space.
    • Desk-or-not-to-Desk: What is best for you? Some prefer stand-up workspaces; others favor sitting at a regular office desk; while still others aren’t keen on a desk at all. Choose what will have you feeling comfortable and productive.
  • Accountability Commitment:
    • Production: Initiate dialogue around the expectations your company has of a remote employee with explicit descriptions connected to each. Then, record it, so you, your boss, and human resources have a copy. And update it regularly as assignments are modified or added.
    • Accessibility: Managers typically lead through proximity check-ins. It’s your responsibility to stay connected, so your boss never questions your allegiance and contribution. Be proactive too much is never too much!
  • Relationship Commitment:
    • Success is always about relationships—it’s even more imperative when you’re working remotely. Staying out of the office isn’t entirely an option. How often do you intend to drop-in to be considered emotionally—not merely on paper—a team member?
    • Make video conferencing your friend. Building trust and connection with employees is essential to your continued success. It has to be a priority on your calendar. How frequently with whom?

The bottom line is you’re accountable for becoming a boon to your business. And the success process begins as you think through how you, as a remote employee, will benefit your company—not just your lifestyle. Intentionally plan what systems you need to put in place that will lead to advantages for your company as well yourself. And then connect, connect, connect at all levels of the organization to garner a “can’t do without” status.

Women… Things They Are A Changin’ For The Better

As you read the title of this article, did you instantly start muttering under your breath: “How wrong can you be?” Perhaps the shift hasn’t filtered into your organization as yet. But oh boy there is a stirring occurring in today’s marketplace.

According to a nationwide survey, 80 percent of recruiters report an increase in the number of requests for female executives over the previous 12 months. Also, there has been a 41 percent jump in cases where women have beat out men for executive-level jobs.

So, yippee for us! The doors are opening to opportunities we could only dream of before. Will this about-face ultimately be for good?

I’ve worked within an out-of-balance, male-dominated culture where women’s leadership style was measured as less-than. We now have the chance to turn this around by being the leading edge of change agents who give rise to a whole new business environment. But not without first determining what we intend to shape that is better than what is in place right now.

Why do I say this? I’m concerned. The truth is that if we focus on settling scores or our frustration over past experiences—no matter how justified—and allow that emotion to drive our actions, we lose. The likelihood is we will create an environment that overcompensates. Then, what have we generated? In all probability, it will be a culture that honors a reverse perspective, not one that equally honors parity and its diversity.

The business boat is rocking for everyone. It’s a dicey time for male executives as well. They are under attack left struggling to figure out how to work with, speak to, and treat female co-workers, bosses, clients, and subordinates. Now, isn’t a time where they’re taking bold action rather they’re hanging back. So, if you’re a woman interested in growing your career and taking advantage of this tipping point in history become a bridge. What does this look like?

Don’t Push Inspire: Hold your hands in front of your face; and then, press the right palm into the left. What happened? Both hands are tensing against one another stuck in front of your face, right? I never said press back with your left so what went wrong? You naturally resisted. Why? Humans are hardwired to maintain status quo. When you’re attempting to distribute power such as shifting a male-dominated organization into a more diverse, balanced one, you set off this survival mechanism. To inspire change, draw people into the future you envision—don’t push.

Be the Voice of Reason: Stand for equitable treatment because you want sustainable change without experiencing backlash. There are always consequences to our actions; thus, make sure your efforts align with the end-result you desire. Consider: “What do I want the aftermath of all of this chaos to look like?”

Collaborate with Men Allies: Is the “greater good” of the organization and its employees going to be realized if we use our power to separate as a replacement for our desired goal? Collectively rethink the workplace with solutions that recognize diversity. Without the evenhanded thinking of female and male champions, this will never occur.

I’m looking forward to working within a balanced business culture where we all work together to generate a healthy, robust environment that produces profitability for the organization and a fulfilling, thriving career for everyone. Not an either or environment instead both. Where soaring is the norm for everyone!


Today’s volatile marketplace find executives being rewarded one-day for the stellar results they’ve generated only to see themselves squeezed out the next day because the rules have changed. Clients call stating:

  • Remember the co-worker I’ve had struggles with since we started working together? Well, now that person is my boss. This reporting structure has little chance of working!
  • Remember how senior-management told me all indications are I’m a lock-in as the successor to my boss when he retires? Well, they brought someone in from the outside; then, turned around and asked me if I’m committed to the company!
  • Remember when my organization announced the merger, assuring the employees how beneficial it would be for all of us and separately pulling me aside to let me know my position was secure? Well, not so much. I was just laid off!
  • Remember the presentation I worked on honing it to perfection? Well, the project didn’t get funded!

On the surface, all of these real-life scenarios may seem as though they are career killers or at the very least, career slow-downs. Without question, they can emotionally take your legs right out from underneath you. How do you turn it around to restore your internal balance in the face of all of this?

Give Yourself a Break–Literally: Immediate action is not your friend in times like these. Pause, mourn the loss of what you believed could be, ground yourself in today’s reality and then, reset. What do you intend to create for yourself? What action plans can you put in place right now?

Discouragement Drags You Down: Don’t forget, you’re always on the way to your future, the grand adventure of your life; it just doesn’t always look like you thought it would. But depend on it, you are!

Celebrate: Yes!! It may sound counter-intuitive, and yet, as you look back over your life experiences; haven’t you already moved through tough times to achieve your current position? Didn’t perceived bad turned into spectacular good? Now, is the time to reconnect with the reality of your past and have faith all is well in your world moving forward even though it may not appear to be so in this season of your career.

Maintain Your Perspective: Every life of significances—which yours is—evolves out of the turbulent periods. The fact is your peak growth emerges out of the struggles you experience along the journey not merely smooth sailing. What lesson is embedded in your setback today? Realize it and get back in the game this is what draws success to you.

Trust: If you don’t claim the positive narrative of your career and exclusively focus on what has gone wrong, you become the victim in the storyline, when what, in actuality, you desire is to be the hero!

Disrupters are coming at us fast-and-furiously which could and can throw us off our stride, but only if you allow it to occur. When you live as though external forces determine your reality, you lose. Undoubtedly, your internal state is far more essential to generating a powerful future—one that leads to satisfaction as well as fulfillment. So, pay attention to that aspect, and your thriving career will be a sure thing!