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What’s a Five Letter Word That Is the Secret For A Woman’s Professional Success? …. FLIRT….

As dynamic women standing on the precipice of a massive shift in business, where our voices resonate as never before, it’s time to redefine this five letter word FLIRT to meet the needs of today’s new reality.

Feminine Power: We are strong “Hear Me Roar” women, who for years have had a more male-like leadership model held up as the operating standard. We’ve been weighed and graded and, often found wanting. These expectations, in many ways, alienate us from the truth, and power of who we are designed to be. Stop attempting to pack yourself into a prescribed leadership box. Stand tall, proud, and confident. You are more than enough. Read More→

M-E-N-T-O-R-ing: At The Heart Of Producing Powerful Results Through People

As a manager, your employee’s performance, their level of engagement, as well as whether they remain with the company or not rests in your hands.

Gallup research demonstrates the criticality of managers as they reveal at least 70 percent of an employee’s engagement variance comes from the manager. And just to hammer this statistic home, they also state that one in two employees left a job because of their boss!

These statistics are not intended to leave you feeling overwhelmed rather it is to reveal how vital you are to your employees and your company.

At some level, you know this, and yet, your overflowing, fire-fighting “to-do” list often takes precedence over your time and attention. Balancing the urgent and your people may appear to be an impossible commission, but rest assured you’re up to the task.

M-E-N-T-O-R is a mnemonic created to support you owning the heart of the leadership/management success equation—your employees. Read More→

Why Is Curiosity Such A Magical Trait For Charging Up A Career?


Would you say you have an appetite for challenging stereotypes,[1] seeking novelty,[2] and taking an exploratory, questioning approach[3]to your career responsibilities?

If you responded with a resounding “Yes,” begin appreciating one of your traits, as identified by Via Character Strength, just may be Curiosity. With such a reaction, it looks as though you’re already tapping into one of humanity’s greatest gifts for bettering the world.

However, if you didn’t find yourself responding with a yes, what’s standing in your way? Read More→

Is Your “Winning Formula” Damaging Your Career?

Do I have to tell you along the pathway of your career odyssey, you will experience detours, roadblocks, and dead-ends? Probably not—you’re a master at facing bumps in the road every day.

It is how you respond to challenges, which determines the outcomes you achieve. There is no perfect formula for your success. It is distinct for everyone. However, it does require a bit more strategic thought on the part of a woman.

Let’s take a blast “back-to-the-past.” Remember, the early stages of your career when you felt as though you’d gained traction and excitedly knew you were on your way? Congratulations! You and the other women coming up the ranks with you did make great strides as we now hold over 50% of mid-management positions. Then, careers stalled. Read More→

Have you reached the point of uncertainty in your career?

What if your company suddenly announces a big layoff?

Are you sure you’re not on the list?

What if your new boss turns out to be a jerk out to get you?

Do you know how to flip that mindset so he/she is your champion?

What if a less, qualified co-worker receives a big promotion?

Would you recognize how to be the chosen one the next round?


If any of these questions cause you one moment of unease, Women’s Rules of Engagement Master Online Program addresses these, along with the many others rattling around in your head.

Are you ready to take advantage of this exceptional time in history for women in business?

If you’re thirsting to:

…Beef-up your Executive Presence
…Supercharge your career
…Successfully work with your “less-than-stellar” boss
…Become a Political Aficionado while remaining true to yourself
…Get heard, noticed and rewarded….

Women’s Rules of Engagement’s eight Strategic Modules takes you step-by-step through a proven blueprint. Throughout the program, you’ll be guided every step of the way to the next level of your career as you master the tools, behaviors, and attitudes that positions you to achieve the dreams you’ve had for yourself, but never knew how to bring into being!

Women’s Rules of Engagement enables you to work at your own pace. So, time isn’t an issue. And with the 50 percent time limited price reduction offered right now…. for the minimal investment of $499, you’ll experience the doors opening wide for a whole new exciting career with legs.

Are you eager to dig a bit deeper into this breakthrough program? Click here for details.

I’m excited about Women’s Rules of Engagement, and you will be too as you move through each of the Strategic Modules. I know you’ll love the career boost you experience. If you’d like to discuss this program in greater detail, schedule a free call with me by clicking

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