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CSZ 009 – The Most Important Skills to Master in Today’s Marketplace

This is a crucial topic because today’s marketplace complexity requires that people work together. Clearly no one single individual or one divisional team possesses the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to solve problems, create new service or products and to overcome the big hurdles facing organizations today. Partnering relationship internally and externally have become the norm forcing company boundaries to become far more porous, which in turn brings down barriers to extend collaborative interaction across boundaries.

A hundred years ago, the Wright Brothers built an airplane all by themselves. Today Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus and Bombardier, to name a few airline manufacturers, have 100’s and 1,000’s of engineers and innumerable other collaborative relations to design and produce an airplane. And business intricacies are just going to be more complicated in years to come.

The stakes are high for you. So listen with an open mind to today’s podcast:

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