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The Stress Factor


With Nancy Fredericks’ The Stress Factor, 24 Powerful Tips to Conquer Stress in Your Day, you will learn how to all-but-eliminate recurring stressors you experience far too often.

Whether you think stress is a blessing or a curse, these 24 tips will help you overcome what holds you back from finding that elusive flow you long for in your life and work.

Nancy Fredericks is masterful at writing quick and useful tips using common sense mixed with golden nuggets of fresh insight, liberally sprinkled with her charming wit and humor throughout. She also authored of The Time Factor, 24 Powerful Tips to Gain More Time in Your Day among other books.

Be entertained as you discover how to manage stress by:

  • Mastering simple techniques to prevent daily stressors
  • Reframing your perception so they are a power working for you
  • Using incredibly simple and seemingly unlikely concepts (gum, anyone?)
  • Saying goodbye to try
  • Letting go of expectations
  • Shaking things up

And, of course, let’s not forget the benefits of unplugging!

If stress is a problem in any area of your life, you’ll be glad you picked up this book. While you may have heard some of the tips, it’s unlikely you’ve heard them all. If you have, I ask you, why are you thinking about buying a book on overcoming stress?

Now that we have that settled… LET’S DIG IN!
The Mindful Innovator at Amazon

The Time Factor

By: Nancy Fredericks & Ken D Foster

The Time Factor (Book)Business experts Nancy Fredericks and Ken D Foster bring their combined 50-year experience to this #1 concern. The 24 dynamic secrets revealed in this book will shift the way you use The Time Factors in your life permanently. You have the power to reach beyond your limitations, break free from the time wasters that are leaving you overstressed, overwhelmed and under-satisfied. In their place, The Time Factor will instill the abilities to accomplish your greatest dreams by skillfully collapsing time, so it works for you—not against you!

Once you read it you will have:
• More Time on Your Calendar
• Improved Productivity
• Freedom from Time Stressors
• Greater Control Over Your Day
• Increased Energy and Clarity of Direction
• Heightened Levels of Peace, Joy and Satisfaction

PLUS you’ll receive a free transcript of an empowering conversation between the authors Nancy Fredericks and Ken D Foster who take a deeper dive into this all-important topic.
Digital Edition
(For all digital devices)
The Time Factor at Amazon

The Executive AdvantEdge Workbook

By: Nancy Fredericks
AdvantageEdge Workbook
You’re a success! Look how far you’ve brought your career from when you were a small child thinking about who you’d be when you grow up. In all likelihood, you’ve mastered skills you never imagined; and now, you have a broad-range of high level business competencies.

Yet, deep inside you believe there is more.

The Executive AdvantEdge™ Workbook was designed specifically to assist high achievers collapse the gap between where you are today and where you intend to be tomorrow.

This workbook answers many of the questions and confusion you have regarding your career progression. And you’re not alone in this because executives continually share with me that they’re frustrated and baffled. They say: What do I have to do to get promoted? My boss has told me I’ve met or exceeded all of his or her expectations, but no promotion this year maybe next. This isn’t the first year I’ve been told that. I work hard but never seem to get ahead. What do I have to do? If you’re interested in expanding your influence in your organization, The Executive AdvantEdge™ Workbook is your secret weapon for career success.

Only $12.99

The Mindful Innovator at Amazon

“The Mindful Innovator, How to Blow Past Your Job Description and March Up the Corporate Ladder”

By: Nancy Fredericks

The Mindful Innovator on KindleThere’s been a lot written about the importance of innovation in today’s marketplace, yet very little practical advice has been offered to aid executives, and that offers practical instructions to incorporate innovation into their day-to-day work activities. This eBook breaks the mold.

Written for managers who feel stuck in their career and want to know what they have to do to be known as a high potential leader.

The Mindful Innovator, How to Blow Past Your Job Description and March Up the Corporate Ladder divulges savvy career boosting secrets. All acquired by Business Strategist and Thought Leader Nancy Fredericks throughout her 25 years consulting/coaching with executives from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial organizations and everything in between.

It offers powerful, game-changing action steps, breakthrough advice and tips that will reduce your stress in the workplace while increasing your time to be the innovative leader your company needs—and you want to be. By the way, the concepts you will learn are not only powerful, but amazingly practical and, easy to implement.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Gain clarity and skillfulness in both execution/production and pioneering/innovative activities.
  • Learn little known organizational strategies to drive your career to the next success level.
  • Master the concept of strategic timeshifting to accelerate your career.

Only $7.99

The Mindful Innovator at Amazon