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MicroLearning Dialogue: Timeshifting


This month’s MicroLearning Leadership Dialogue on TimeShifting is in response to a couple of emails very similar in tone. It is my guess they also represent your belief.

TimeshiftingSeptember: MicroLearning TimeShifting Dialogue

I don’t have control of my day. The company keeps piling more work on me.

It doesn’t matter how hard I work I never get ahead. Nothing I try lightens the stress. I don’t mean to be disparaging, but nothing I do works.

Don’t you concur with the comments from Mike and Jill—and you’re accurate!? American Psychological Association says 43 percent of workers cite workloads as the top contributor to stress in the workplace. There’s no getting around it; work calendars are more overloaded than ever before. The frightening news is that it isn’t going to get any better unless you do something about it!

Here are two TimeShifting ideas which will ease your daily workload.

Ground Your Work With Intentions: You may think this is an “airy-fairy” suggestion. However, when I say set intentions before you start a task, I’m deadly serious. Predetermining the desired outcome before and as you touch a project adds a powerful force to your effort—one that moves mountains and produces miracles.

When I started my business—many more years ago than I care to admit—I didn’t have clients. I decided to send out cold marketing letters. As I licked the stamp and sent them off—yes, it was that long ago—I spoke my intentions to obtain assignments with companies where my expertise would make a difference. The result? My client list includes Johnson & Johnson, Pepsico, Adobe, Omnicom Worldwide, and Allergan to name a few all a result of cold marketing letters! Attracting customers of this ilk shortened the startup and the ultimate success of my company. What intentions can you begin creating for your workload that will improve results as well as give you time back every day?

Your Brain Is Lying to You When It Comes to Productivity: As hard as it is to believe, it’s not the number of hours you work that determines the value created rather it is the energy you bring to the hours you work. Intermittent renewal fuels high productivity. Research reveals that your brain can only remain focused for 90 to 120 minutes at a time before it needs to take a break. Stop working, sit still or stroll around the building, and become present to what you’re experiencing physically and mentally. Let go of your concerns and activities for a few minutes as you move into stillness.

Determine to gift yourself with time throughout the day for periodic renewal; and reward yourself with higher levels of productivity, which in turn will have you experiencing more time in your day. As an extra bonus, studies demonstrate downtime often aids your brain in solving complex issues.

Managing time isn’t about squeezing everything that can possible by squeezed into your day, it is about getting clear about where and how to spend your time. Keep in mind; those who manage time well are rated more highly in the organization, and thus, receive career advancement when others aren’t. Go forth and TimeShift your way to a successful, productive, and relaxing workday.

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