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INNOVATION: a Much Sought After Competency in Today’s Marketplace


This month’s message is hard especially as you feel overloaded already with your work responsibilities. You can’t get around it, though. Success long-term involves you acquiring the mindset of Innovation each and every day. By assuming the stance of innovator, you will experience more fun and joy each and every day you go to work.

In this month’s MicroLearning Leadership—Reflection, several practical tips will shift your thinking and be invaluable in building your Innovation muscle. The good news is you can incorporate them immediately.

InnovationThe process begins by keeping your eyes open for two categories of Innovation:

  1. Conceptualize new breakthrough products and services that have never existed before. Or transform something already existing in a way no one has imagined before (This is more valuable to an organization as the National Innovation Survey says: new products may only account for 14 percent of launches and generate 38 percent of an organization’s total revenues, they account for a massive 61 percent of total profits!) and,
  1. Incrementally streamline improvements and/or expansions of current products and services.

Then, concentrate on asking these fundamental questions:

  • How can I dramatically change my slice of the world for the better?
  • What solutions can I delve into that will make my part of the company produce better products or services?
  • What repetitive breakdowns do I see occurring? Is there anything I can do to correct them?
  • How can I align these future ideas with my organization?

Remember, you’re the most capable person to recognize concerns well before senior management even has a whiff of the issue. Research confirms this as employees doing the job typically grasp 100 percent of the problem; whereas CEOs are ordinarily only aware of 4 percent of the troubles facing you and the organization at your level.

So, how do you acquire this mindset? Pay attention to:

  • What strategic direction has your CEO identified? Think about what potential ideas and actions you can start working on “today” that may align your job or your division with the long-term direction of your company’s “tomorrow.”
  • What are your competitors doing? These are clues to future products or services your enterprise could or might be offering. Any preparations you can make now?
  • What are the biggest dilemmas facing your organization? Explore ideas or processes to mitigate the concerns.

How do you uncover possibilities you’d be interested in pursuing?

  • Investigate doing something only you can do.
  • Look into parts of the business where you have a natural aptitude and find intriguing and fun. After all, why work on something that isn’t of interest to you? This exploration will lead to you operating in the playground of your strengths more and more every day.
  • Open your creative juices and allow revolutionary ideas to emerge. Examining your corporate world from this viewpoint has you not simply thinking outside the box—it has you Expanding the Box!

Such an approach has you working in the playground of your creation one where you lean into your strengths, passions; and which offers, the most fun and abundant opportunities for you. Not to mention, for your company to profitably thrive! And isn’t this an outcome worth pursuing?

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