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MicroLearning Leadership Reflection: Office Politics

We hope you found the video and article relevant to what you find troubling about office politics and how to overcome your concerns. Our MicroLearning Leadership Reflection this week helps you dig deeper in an interactive, mindful way.

July: MicroLearning Leadership Reflection–Office Politics

Office politics is no light matter.

It reveals who you are and a great deal about your future. After all, how you respond in the midst of tough situations, how facile you are at enrolling others, and how successful you are in moving your career forward all rely on your office politics ability.

For a moment, place your palms together and press the palm of your right hand into your left hand.

What happened? Are your hands still in the same position? For most, they do not move. You are encountering homeostasis in action–the need to remain intact. The reality is pushing generates resistance, not receptivity.

Now, sit back for a moment and Reflect on the leaders and peers you admire. How do they navigate the muddy waters of office politics? What lessons are you going to take on as your own? Ideas and “Aha’s” are great; however, it is action and only action that creates new, empowering behavior. What are you going to do differently?

I’d love to hear back from you, on what your Reflection time has brought to mind for you.

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