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The EXECUTIVE AdvantEdge™ PROGRAM Your Blueprint for Powerful Career Success

No One Gets to the Top Alone

Is your business career not all that you’d hoped? Do you dread going into work? Are you finding yourself buried by your daily schedule, so much so that a balanced life is not even viable in your mind? Do you wish that you could figure out the secrets for succeeding in corporate America and still be you? If any of these challenges, resonate with you, then I can help.

I bring to the table a 25 year proven track record of partnering with 1,000’s of corporate executives, just like you. I’ve assisted them achieve satisfying careers that reach new levels of success. I can do the same for you. Even if your career has gone off course, I can get you back on track.

I’m passionately dedicated to revitalizing and empowering careers. In fact, I’ve developed a program designed just for you. The Executive AdvantEdge™ Program combines a variety of resources that will accelerate your career achievements, enhance possibilities, leverage your expertise and produce powerful, long-lasting results that propel your career to levels you’ve never imagined before.

What can you expect from The Executive AdvantEdge?

A customized, comprehensive developmental program specifically designed for the busy executive who wants a more influential, powerful career, has little time to make it happen and yet, still expects big results. Let’s look at some of the career changing activities we may explore together to aid in your advancement possibilities:

  • Generate and implement a powerful Success Brand that has you being identified as a highly-valued leader.
  • Employ little-known organizational strategies to drive your career to the next level.
  • Learn the concept of Strategic Timeshifting to decrease the time it will take you to move up the corporate ladder.
  • Stop evolving your career Reactively; start mapping out the steps to Proactively accelerate your career advancement in the direction you choose.
  • Develop powerful mentors to champion your career.
  • Learn to use the ‘You of Tomorrow’ visualization process, similar to what athletes use, to achieve your peak performance outcomes.

What does The Executive AdvantEdge™ Program include?

Eight, One-on-one Executive Strategic Sessions: Every executive faces unique challenges; thus, each Strategic Session will be designed entirely based upon the specific barriers preventing your career from being all it can be.

Eight, MP-3 Audio Podcasts: You will be assigned MP-3 Podcasts specifically tailored to advance your career and assist you blow past your individual challenges to step into opportunities for growth.

The Executive AdvantEdgeThe Executive AdvantEdge™ Workbook: This workbook is your reality maker—first, you dream it and then you bring it into reality. It will take you step-by-step through the powerful reinvention process introducing exercises, improvement reflection practices, breakthrough strategic techniques and actions to not only move your career forward, but, also, to guide you to where you intend to go.

Accountability Homework: Knowledge alone doesn’t produce revolutionary results, it is only when you convert those ‘Aha’s’ to drivers that support realizing your identified outcomes that true reinvention occurs. This is the only way you end up on the pathway to realizing all you’ve hoped for from your career.

What do I bring to the table?

Your personal partner with 25 years as a Business Strategist and Thought Leader committed to taking you to the next level in your career development. I offer game-changing tools to transform you future career landscape. Because I’m an expert dedicated to staying at the cutting-edge of knowledge and development, you’re tapped into all of that expertise too.

So, how do we get started?

All you have to do is say Yes! It’s simple, your no cost first step is to fill in the form below to let me know you’re interested in scheduling a Discovery Consultation with me personally. I’ll help you evaluate where you’re at, where you want to go and collaborate with you to turn your impossible future into reality. Together, we will map out a step-by-step strategy for you to attain the career you’re dreaming of.


What are clients saying?

Nancy provides the tools to help us realize our potential. By asking insightful questions and offering a unique perspective, she takes you on a journey of self actualization. She is able to visualize a path to personal success for others and to act as your guide to get there. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready for more professionally, personally, or both.
-Senior Human Resources, Finance

Nancy Fredericks’ real-world experience allows executives the opportunity to hold up that all important looking glass and really consider if they are approaching their career (and life) in a manner that is most beneficial and productive. NFI provides the essential perspective that all business people need.
-Vice President, Reality Advisors

I was put in touch with Nancy during a very tough transition in my career. I had taken a big leap in responsibility, and Nancy helped me learn to trust myself and my skills more, which was crucial for me during that period. She also helped me effectively manage my relationships with peers, senior executives and subordinates. I highly recommend Nancy!
-CEO, Asset Management

Nancy is a master at coaching me through all the “touchy-feelie” stuff that I avoided in graduate school but has become increasingly important as my career has advanced over the last 30 years. Her insight into how to manage personal relationships with bosses, peers and subordinates has proven to be invaluable over and over again.
-Investment Manager, Pension Fund