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MicroLearning Leadership Reflection – TimeShifting Isn’t Optional It Is Mandatory


Several quick-hit TimeShifting action steps for Reflection and Implementation….

As we discussed in last week’s MicroLearning Leadership email, TimeShifting is an inside-out skill set. We’re all so diverse. What will help you improve your calendar in all likelihood may not work for me. So, in this email, I’m offering several quick-hit concepts to improve your TimeShifting habits—internal mental decisions.

Is Your “To-Do” List on Steroids?

We already discussed studies show merely by implementing a “to-do” list you are 25 percent more efficient. Sometimes “to-do” lists work against you, not for you.  Are you someone who believes you have a full day to devote to completing your tasks?  But that is a self-defeating perception because of the demands other people, or scheduled meetings, or constant interruptions make on you. Start by not setting yourself up for failure. Ask yourself and then, be honest: “How much time do I have each day to concentrate on my work?” Did you feel the “Aha?” Transform your “to-do” expectations based on reality.

How can you conquer the “Big, Ugly Monster” that Eats Your Time?

Projects grow in your imagination so that pretty soon dread is running the show instead of your results-oriented, accomplished self. As Barry Sherman, a dear friend of mine, coined: “Projects get “biglier,” or bigger and uglier, as your wild-imagining takes control. You may temporarily be relieved by putting it off until later, but the project doesn’t go away.  In fact, it just keeps growing “biglier.” Stop the sense of overwhelm by taking small, manageable bites out of the project until it is complete. Commit to the five-minute rule. Touch it, or make one phone call, or read one document, or write one paragraph on that blank page. You’ll be surprised at how much easier the project is once you are in action for five minutes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you dig in spending a bit more time.

Are you dragging your feet?

Like Mark Twain, says, “If you have to swallow two frogs, make sure you swallow the big one first and don’t take too long!” Do you begin your day by digging into the easiest projects first? According to Peter J. Makin, Gary L. Cooper, and Charles J. Cox, it takes 50 percent longer to complete tasks when we put off doing the jobs we dislike until after finishing those that we enjoy. Our minds say we’ll boost our energy, but that’s a lie. So, the next time you look at your “to-do” list, take on the hardest project first—the rest of your day will be a breeze.

Remember, each of us is given the same amount of time every day. How you choose to use it determines your effectiveness.

Squander time, let it slip through your fingers, and your career doesn’t stand much of a chance to soar!

The good news is that just because you’ve miss-used time in the past doesn’t mean it has to be your life’s pattern. Start today by taking on one small TimeShifting concept and do it now. Research confirms that if you don’t immediately implement a new idea, the chances are you never will.

I’d love to hear back from you, on what your TimeShifting Reflection time has brought to mind for you.




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