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MicroLearning Leadership: Timeshifting


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An Inside Out Approach

Most executives relate to time in a finite manner much as the hands of a clock ticking down one second, one minute, one hour, and one day. That view has you squeezed in a box of your making with not a lot of elbow room to achieve everything as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible. You’re far too magnificent than to labor inside a box!

Think about it. Haven’t you gone through periods in your day where you felt as though you stretched or shifted or even slowed time? What you felt at that moment is what I call TimeShifting.

Let’s investigate this facet of our humanness a bit so you can become adept at leaning into your power to experience TimeShifting at will.

Have you noticed as you’re doing something you love, it is as though three minutes have passed when in fact it has been hours? And then, when you look at your work product, you’re amazed by how much you accomplished? This out-of-the-box state of being is out focus.

The first TimeShifting secret of doing something you enjoy and increasing your work output is confirmed by Gallup research. It reveals the more employee’s work in their area of strength (what energizes them) they are six times more engaged, have higher performance ratings; and are more productive, successful, happier and healthier.

Wow! What a Return on Awareness. Merely by understanding how you tick, pardon the pun; you receive the payoff of more time on your calendar. Amazingly enough just learning your strengths immediately improves your productivity by 7.8 percentage according to Gallup.

The second TimeShifting secret may sound counterintuitive, but rushing and working harder often slows you down. Haven’t you felt yourself whirling around in your head, where your brain is saying: Do this next, no do this, no this has to be next? Your head feels as though it is spinning around like Linda Blair’s character in the Exorcist!

All that rushing and stressing has flipped you into your “flight-fight-or-freeze” primordial mentality. In this reaction mode, you bypass the cerebral cortex, the thinking section of your brain, so all that blood rushes to your extremities preparing to respond to your immediate life-and-death danger. You’re not facing life-threatening Sabertooth tigers in your work environment despite how you may feel. So, stop letting the primordial part of your brain rule.

There is incredible power in stillness. Take a deep breath. Say this mantra to yourself or better yet out loud if possible: I have more than enough time to accomplish everything required of me today. And just keep saying this until you move back into the reasoning part of your brain where it can partner with you to get the job done quickly, and successfully.

Timeshifting is about creating new thinking and new ways of relating to getting work done. Don’t be discouraged if everything you try doesn’t instantly flow smoothly for you. It takes a minimum of 30-days to develop a new habit. Keep at it. These two TimeShifting secrets will make a difference for you, your level of stress, the work you accomplish, and the outcomes you produce.

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